Can I Use One Stand for Multiple Vaping Atomizers?


Absolutely! The V8PEKEEPER is designed to accommodate multiple vaping devices and accessories, thanks to its universal 510 threading. The 510 thread is the industry standard for vape tanks and cartridges, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of products.

With the V8PEKEEPER, you can securely store and organize various 510-threaded tanks or cartridges in one convenient stand. This eliminates the need for multiple stands and helps keep your vaping gear neat and tidy. Whether you need to store THC cartridges, e-cig juice tanks, or atomizers, the V8PEKEEPER offers a versatile and efficient solution for all your vaping organization needs.

Secure Your Atomizers & Vape Tanks with V8pekeeper

The strongest and most durable atomizer stand on the market. V8PEKEEPER is the world’s best 510 threaded vape stand to secure your vape tanks and atomizers.

Upgrade your vaping game with V8PEKEEPER. Our 510 threaded atomizer vape tank stand securely holds all THC cartridges and Vape Tanks. V8peKeeper’s is  compact and easy-to-use and  eliminates loose atomizers and attys rolling around in drawers. No more playing balancing games with your atomizers, tanks, or cartridges. Our stands help prevent spills, tip-overs, lost cartridges, and draped oil, while keeping your gear out of children’s reach. Get the world’s best vape tank stand and never worry about storage again – get V8pekeeper today!