This atomizer stand is the most stable & secure stand made.

Use this stylish atomizer stand – cartridge holder to keep your vape carts and atomizers secure and clutter free. Instead of leaving carts loose on their side, screw in to secure upright on the stand.  The Cartridge Keeper makes it easy to manage multiple vape cartridges or atomizers.

If you have more than one cart what do you do with the extras Do you lean them up? Do you let it roll around in the drawer.  This threaded cart holder will make your vaping experience better. In addition to using it to keep my carts upright most carts have no identification so I use the stand to know where my indicas and sativas are. 

Keep your atomizer and cartridges secure and problem free when they are not in use.  Just screw them in, and your secure and upright, like the manufacturers recommend. Avoid drape and bubbles, any stubborn oil remaining on the top or sides drop will settle with gravity.

510 Threaded Cartridge Holder

Fits all major brands. Heavy Hitters, Dime Bag, Alien Farms, Select, Friendly Farms, Cresco, ABX, Korova, Buddies, Kingpen, Variety, & More. Our atomizer stand is compatible with any and all cartridges and atomizers wtih 510 threads.

No Tip Compact Design

The Cartridge Keeper is low profile & fits discreetly where you want it to go. Keep your vape secure and vertical. Very easy to secure your carts and move out of the reach of kids.

 Cartridge Keeper Holder Fits Three  Atomizers or Two Tanks 

Now you can securely store up to 3 Atomizers with this vape cartridge holder.  Cartridge Keeper vape stand makes things easy. No more loose atomizers, no more atomizers rolling around in drawers and no more leaning round cylinders upright. You don’t have to play balancing games with your atomizers, tanks or cartridges ever again. 


Cart Identification

Most THC carts have no identification once out of the package, so the Cartridge Keeper atomizer stand can be used as a way to sort them. For example you can keep indicas on one side, sativas on the other and hybrids in the middle.

Durable Atomizer Stand 

Milled from aluminum this atomizer stand will never rust. We included a counterbore to the 510 threads so you never cross thread your gear. It can also be refinished with sand paper if you happen to scratch it.

Stylish, Simple and Eco Friendly. Made in the USA From Recycled Aluminum.

See what our customers are saying about the cartridge keeper atomizer stand. 

Fantastic workmanship, exactly what I needed. Fast delivery. Very satisfied.


Cool little holder, just screw em in, works like a charm, wish I would’ve bought it sooner !


Perfect quality and amazing look!