Vape Tank Stand & Atomizer Stands


All aluminum 510 Thread Vape Tank Stand and Vape Cartridge Holders, and Atomizer Stands. Just screw it in, & your upright, & secure.  Milled precision universal 510 thread and counterbored so you don’t strip your gear. Our stands will fit multiple 510 atomizers, cartridges and juice tanks. This is the ultimate stand for your vape organization.

Physically Secure Multiple Vape Tanks, Atomizers & Cartridges.

Now you can securely store more than one Atomizer or Vape Tank with our simple compact stand.  V8pekeeper vape tank stand makes things easy. No more loose atomizers, no more rolling around in drawers or leaning your gear up. You don’t have to play balancing games with your atomizers, tanks or cartridges ever again.  Using our stand will stop a bunch of issues before they happen like: spills, tip overs, lost cartridges, draped oil, and most definitely kids.

Very compact base, is low profile, solid and super stable. Gear secured to the stand is completely under your control.  Whether you need to secure THC cartridges or vape tanks, we have a stand to fit your lifestyle. It is so simple, Just secure them to the base and you can literally put it anywhere without worry.

Currently we have two sizes in stock for your needs. The cartridge keeper which is 3″ and the Tank Keeper is 4″.

Tank Keeper  Vape Tank Stand can accomodate 3 vape tanks.

Cartridge Keeper  Atomizer Stand can accomodate 2 tanks or 3 atomizers.

Every atomizer stand is hand crafted with quality and care in the USA.

Just  Screw In, Secure, Upright.

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Secure Your Atomizers & Vape Tanks with V8pekeeper

The strongest and most durable stand on the market. V8PEKEEPER is the world’s best 510 threaded vape stand to secure your vape tanks and atomizers.

Upgrade your vaping game with V8PEKEEPER. Our 510 threaded atomizer vape tank stand securely holds all THC cartridges and Vape Tanks. V8peKeeper’s is  compact and easy-to-use and  eliminates loose atomizers and attys rolling around in drawers. No more playing balancing games with your atomizers, tanks, or cartridges. Our stands help prevent spills, tip-overs, lost cartridges, and draped oil, while keeping your gear out of children’s reach. Get the world’s best vape tank stand and never worry about storage again – get V8pekeeper today!