Atomizer Stand - 510 Threaded

The Cartridge Keeper

Super Discrete – Super Stable

Atomizer Stand – Secure & Identify Your Vape Carts

Universal Fit

Fits all major brands. Heavy Hitters Select, Friendly Farms, Cresco, ABX, Korova, Buddies, Kingpen, & More. Our atomizer stand is compatible with all 510 thread atomizers.

Compact Design

The Cartridge Keeper is very low profile &  fits discretely where you want it to go. Keep your stuff secure and vertical wherever you go. Easy to move.

Fit Three THC Cartridges or Two Vape Tanks – All Brands and Types.

Use this simple atomizer stand and keep your gear out of the reach of your kids. Instead of leaving loose carts in drawers, screw in and secure to the stand.  Once secure its super easy to move.

Keep your atomizer and cartridges secure and problem free when they are not in use.  Just screw em in,  and your secure and upright. You can fit up to three cartridges or two tanks on The Cartridge Keeper.

Recover Draped Oil

Unit warms easily in the sun while holding your cartridge upright. Any stubborn oil remaining on the top or sides will warm and gravity will do the rest.

Solid Base

Milled from aluminum this atomizer stand will never rust. We added a counterbore to the design so you never cross thread your gear and coated for durablity.

Made from Recycled Aluminum- Eco Friendly Made in the USA